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“In vain have I struggled.

9 Nov

It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You MUST allow me to tell you how (…)” many series I am following right now.

Even tough I sotmetimes think I may have a problem I won’t admit to that. Instead,I’ll go and watch another episode. In fact I’ll do that right now…

Ok, I am ready now. These days I am heartily following 25 series, so what? I still have a life, trust me, I’m a doctor. Actually you may blame Hose M.D. for it since it is what began this spiral of series watching that has grabbed me to never, ever let me go. I don’t know that you care about any of this but if I had to choose from allthe series I watch I’d probably say Supernatural is my favourite. This new season is still setting its ground but I have blind faith on the Winchesters. However, I am not enclosed in my liking of series by any genre. From How I Met Your Mother to Spartacus going through Two Broke Girls…Once Upon a Time, Adventure Time, The Simpsons Time, any time. Recently I have also begun watching Boardwalk Empire and I have to say it is amazingly well done. Watch it. I command you. Better, I recommend you. Having said that and that Game of Thrones is way different from the books tough it pleases me plenty both ways. For I have yet to decided if I like myself writing long posts I’ll leave it here.

Fare you well always, yours,

Lady A. II

P.S: I had to write this post twice because my notebook freaked out and closed chrome so if there is something unconnected or weird know that it was connected to something before that I don’t remember now but made sense at some point. The weird  was weird already, bite me.

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