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25 Nov

Dear Bruce,

Can I call you Bruce? You can call me C if you want. I just have to say that I have been platonically in love with you and your music since I was 12 years old. I saw your for the first time when I was 13 years old and all i had to say is OMG.  That concert change the notion of music for me, because you will agree with me that you haven’t listen to music until you have experienced a life concert. It is kind of ironical, don’t you think, that something you listen to you have to see it to really live it.

I have to admit that the first song that I like of your work it was “Let’s be friends” of the album “The Rising”. It was cute, easy going and the perfect initiation for your more mature and difficult work. It is still one of my favorites  because it remains my of my 12 year-old-self that like that just like that song of all that album, then i began to like “Mary’s Place”, then “Lonesome Day” then “The Rising” and finally I knew by hard all the lyrics of the songs. When I heard life “Born to Run” I had goose bumps for several minutes, so much power in one song, the whole stadium was jumping singing their lungs off just to sing the lyrics with you. That was a breathtaking moment. I remember my seeing my sister crying for almost the whole concert just to see our there (in the next concert I cry too). It was the first time for both of us, and we both singed a life-lasting vow of fidelity with you and your music for the end of the times.

After traveling around to see you, after two days in the street just to enter the stadium, after long night in the street in front of the stores to buy your tickets, you never disappoint. You are the Boss!

After more more than one decade, several new albums, rediscover old records and eight concerts I must say that for me, and for more millions of fans around the world, you are one of the best musicians alive. You have an energy that very few people have, a voice that can silence seventy thousand people and a view about life and current affairs that are worth spreading.

Can I tell you a secret? I really really like Max Weinberg. I have not seen a sexier drummer. I saw him in a concert for the MTV. My mouth dropped to the floor several times. Amazing. I was pretty easily affected by it (so young) but he still takes my breath away when I see playing the drums.

You know that we actually interact once, in a concert in Bilbao. I do not remember what song you were playing, but i was screaming “BRUUUUCE I LOVE YOU” you looked at me in the eyes, you put your hand over your heart and then you pointed your finger at me. I almost faint.

I have heard that you are coming to Europe next spring…please come. I last saw you in London last July, and I need my Bruce dose soon. The sooner the better.

With all my rockin’ love.

Lady C.

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