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25 Nov


Hello Bookworms!!

I just finished “Tess of the d’Ubervilles” by Thomas Hardy. And well, let’s talk about it…

The book is beautifully written  it has the Victorian style of saying a simple act like it was made out of poetry. For example “she grab an apple” it becomes “with her slender fingers she moved towards the air full of dust which moved like fairies dancing around the beautiful Tess while her delicate skin touched the red sinuosity of the prohibited fruit”.

Yes I just made that up.

But more or less that was I was talking about. Yes it is beautiful to read a poetical description of mundane things, but sometimes i found myself skipping sentences. To the point please!

I really like the characterization of the characters. This Tess is a bad-ass, i just love her, she thinks she is a victim when she is the strongest of all them all. She is passionate, generous, caring, independent and incredibly strong; She is raped, she has a child, she loses him, she works as hard as anyone can, she encounters bad people, good people, crazy people, fanatic people, her rapist as a religious-fanatic, her rapist as post-fanaticism, her rapist as her guardian, bad parents, bad lovers, bad husband…. She lives trough all of them without losing a peace of her beauty and just a piece of her sanity (i would have gone mad at the beginning of the second part). She is the victim of a society in which a woman has to life forever with the consequences of being raped and having a child before marriage while a man who rapes woman can be forgiven if he embraces religion.

Absolutely fair. (sarcasm sign here)

The writer is brilliant portraying this hypocritical society. But at the same time he is just and observer, he does not blame or fight for anything, he just tells everything as it is. It is like he is saying “well here is Tess, this is what is happening to her, your turn to think now”

The story is well known, I am not going to explain the plot.  It has been adapted by cinema and television several times. I have to admit that I have not seen any adaptation (even though I wanted to), and I had it in my to-read list for several years now. I have to admit. Oh my I am sorry to admit that my curiosity won when I read “50 Shades Of Grey” and between sadomasochistic sexual encounters they  quote this book. Over and Over.

—-OMG, those lost neurons will never come back again. ( I want to talk about Mr.Grey another time)—-

Well, all I have to say I liked the book. Is one of those books that left you with a bad mouth taste. It is not a happy ending, it is not what she deserves. All the struggles she passes she cannot end well, she has to pay for her “sins” while men are aroudn watching her pretty face suffer. I would recommend it for those who like more dense stories and those eagle-eyed readers who can enjoy a good description of hypocrisy.

Summarizing, is a good reading, but not an easy one. And whoever says it is a love story.It is not.


Lady C.



13 Nov

Hello Bookworms!!!

Did I tell you that I am obsessed with book series? Well. I am. Lately I have been in a mood of light-page-turning reading, and I found a couple of jewels that are worth reading.

Poison Study. By Maria V. Synder (Part of the Study Series)

Yelena is  imprisoned for murder, she has been living almost a year in a disgusting dungeon waiting for her death sentence.  She is given the opportunity to postpone her death becoming the food taster of The Commander. She has to decide between dying the next day and be free of the terrible ghost of her pass OR to become a food taster and live with the notion of every meal can be her death sentence. As a courageous woman she is, she takes the risk and tries to live.  She will be trained as a food taster by Valek; a loyalist to the Commander who will make the impossible to test Yelena in every possible way to prove her loyalty to the cause.  During the story we will know more about the life of Yelena, how and why she ended in prison. and we will know more about her past to discover a great female character; strong, intelligent and powerful. Yelena will prove to anyone that she is not what she seems. Everything is tinted by a certain portion of magic and fantasy. The romance part is really well put together (you can understand why Yelena fells with…….) without falling into cheesy-pink-romance.

The settings are well described, the characters well portrait and the story well written, you can even found several four-syllable words (not very common in this kind of literature).

Magic Study: Now away from Ixia, (vanished by the commander because of her magical powers) Yelena has to run away from everything that she can call home to return to her past and to learn how to control her magic. In this book Yelena will discover in who she can really trust (she will find some surprises in the way) and how powerful she really is. Will she be reunited with her life from Ixia? Will she find her lost family, and will they embrace her after fourteen years?

Now in Sitia, Yelena will have to deal with powerful dark magic, horrible murderers and a chevalier without kingdom who looks for his place in the world (yeah, kind of Aragorn type of guy but in this case HE WANTS to be king).

All friends and new friends, family and love, mind-reading animals (say whaaaaaat awesome!!!) and lots of magic and exotic places. A good continuation to Poison Study, highly recommendable.

BUT! I love this two books really much, easy reading but well written at the same time, good plot and characters. Although the decline of the plot can be noticed in the second book, Magic Study is worth reading. I have read the reviews of the third and last book of the series, Fire Study and all of them are a disaster, on the one hand i want to see how it ends, on the other hand I don not want to spoil the experience by reading a bad book if i liked so much the other two. Let’s see!!


Lady C.

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