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14 Nov



As my friend Lady A II posted about her lovely Sir Munchis, I present my furry love Leny. We adopted him 8 years ago, and I have to say he is the most genuine dog you can imagine. His is named after a character of  the lovely movie “Shark Tale” in which one of the main characters is a super cute vegetarian shark; Leny.  His name in the shelter was Vito (after the Godfather) was really cool, I though it may be a little harsh fur such a cute little dog.

Oh girl how mistaken I was…He was two moths old when we adopted him, and after the last vaccine he was playing with other dogs and from the first moment he showed how stubborn, independent and cranky the little dog could be he loved his dog-friends (he even had a girlfriend, now they not together anymore) he was very suspicious about the new people that arrived in the park and he defend his pack as just a “gangsta” dog would do, even Pit Bulls have anything to do with him.  He always cheers the human before the dog (he knows who has the candy) so he has all humans he know eating in his paw. He is the Godfather of the park.

About the breed, he is part Teckel, Schnauzer, Yorkie and Cairn Terrier. Some that we can find similarities. But please…Look at the picture… Even for a mixed breed dog he is the cutest!!

I know, it looks like I am in love with the dog, I love him as much as one can love a dog without falling into the sick-love-for-a-pet type. I owe him long hours of company, the love, the friendship that just a dog can give you. For a dog (or a cat) it does not matter if you are tall, thin, fat, you have a limp, you are blind, you are not wearing make up or your hair is a mess, if you forget to wax your legs or if u have a day of fuck-off with everyone. For them, you are the most perfect creature in the world. That is how dogs love, Ladies and Gentleman.


Lady C.

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